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Secret to Success
What is most important for success?
White Out
What do kids love most about snow days?
Keep It Clean
What is the most important thing to keep clean at a wedding?
'90s Slang
What phrase was most overused in the '90s?
Top Drawer
What is the most important thing to have in your desk drawer at work?
Like It
What best describes Facebook?
What's the worst thing for a guy to mention in his dating profile?
Look Busy
How do you waste time at work?
Able to Leap to Broadway
Which superhero do want to see starring in a musical?
No Daughter of Mine!
What is the worst thing to see your daughter wearing for a date?
Fantasy Wedding
What is the best thing to say to a bride on her wedding day?
Living on the Edge
Which food do you eat past its expiration date?
Optional Clothing
What are you most likely to leave the house without wearing?
Professional Cheaters
Which are most likely to cheat on their spouse?
Angelina's Life
What part of Angelina Jolie's life do you most envy?