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  • No Sleep!
    No Sleep!
    Why do most frats guys pull all-nighters?
  • Mini Doggy
    Mini Doggy
    What's the best part of having a small dog?
  • Bad Playdate
    Bad Playdate
    What is the worst kid to have over for a playdate?
  • Thin Walls
    Thin Walls
    What's the worst thing to hear through your hotel room wall?
  • Call Waiting
    Call Waiting
    What's the worst excuse for not retuning a call?
  • After the Wedding
    After the Wedding
    What do you have more of since the wedding?
  • Win It
    Win It
    What would you rather win?
  • Single with Kids
    Single with Kids
    Who has the hardest time getting a date?
  • Will I Be…
    Will I Be…
    What's the one question you most want a psychic to answer?
  • Love Contract
    Love Contract
    What would you do if he asked you to sign a pre-nup?
  • Coasting
    What would happen if you went to the office, but didn't do any work for a week?
  • End the Date!
    End the Date!
    What's the best way to get out of a date?
  • Cougar Problems
    Cougar Problems
    What's the worst part of dating a much younger guy?
  • ATM Manners
    ATM Manners
    What is the worst thing to do at an ATM?
  • Law and Order
    Law and Order
    What's the best part of jury duty?
  • Teen Hangout
    Teen Hangout
    At which house do boys want hang out the most?
  • Super Power Activate
    Super Power Activate
    Which super power do you want?
  • Hey, Hot Stuff
    Hey, Hot Stuff
    Who gets hit on most in bars?
  • Women Don't Get It
    Women Don't Get It
    What's hardest to explain to women?
  • 20%
    Who are you least likely to tip?
  • I'm Not Interested
    I'm Not Interested
    Where is the worst place to be hit on?
  • Time for School
    Time for School
    Who cries more on the first day of school?
  • Account Delete
    Account Delete
    What's the best reason to quit Facebook?
  • Star Wars' Deal-Breaker
    Star Wars' Deal-Breaker
    What's the worst thing a date can say about the original "Star Wars" film?
  • You've Lost Weight
    You've Lost Weight
    What do you think when someone notices you've lost weight?
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